Welcome to the website of unProfessional Standards Department, or uPSD for short.

We are a group of experienced investigators, led by investigative journalist Neil Wilby, who have come together to fight police incompetence, misconduct or criminality that lead to miscarriages of justice. This can range from a person simply suffering discourteous behaviour at the hands of the police, or civilian staff connected to the police, to cases where a person has been wrongly jailed. In some cases, for life sentences.

Our investigative resources are considerable as we can call on honest and very capable retired or former police officers/detectives and experienced investigative journalists. We assemble facts, test evidence and with our knowledge of the law, and complaint/disciplinary processes, we draw out rational and workable conclusions.

After initial assessment we may take on, or assist in, a wide variety of cases where a member of the West Yorkshire public has been unfairly treated or is involved with complaint or civil action against the police, the Office of the Police Commissioner (WYOPCC), or the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

uPSD can also assist, on a paid basis, with preparation for Judicial Review of IPCC Appeals and private prosecution where the police refuse to investigate and prosecute offenders in connection with serious crime such as perjury, conspiracy to pervert, fraud, kidnap or rape.

Assembled in the extensive Case Studies section of this website is a wide variety of incidents that are attributed to the improper actions of West Yorkshire Police. Many of them very serious indeed. These are supplemented by highlighting Court Cases in which the same Force have featured and, in so doing, have largely meant very substantial legal bills being footed by the taxpayer.

Our extensive contacts with specialist complaint solicitors, campaigning MP’s and local, regional and national media (press/radio/TV and on-line outlets), and a growing network of other nationally-known justice campaigners, add significant force to what we set out as our two primary objectives:



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